NEW! Grants Management System

DCA is pleased to announce a new computer system that will support grant and loan programs across DCA. The system is called "GrAAM" which stands for Grant Application Administration and Management. Using GrAAM, communities will be able to find funding opportunities and submit applications online through a single web portal. When fully implemented, you will be able to look in one location and find information about funding opportunities from across the agency.

All grant and loan applications will eventually be submitted online through GrAAM. Once a grant or loan is awarded, recipients will use the GrAAM web portal to manage the full lifecycle of their grant or loan. This will include uploading payment requests, as well as reporting of accomplishments and progress. Rather than relying on a manual process to ensure that these types of communications get to us, you will be able to submit these electronically.

The first programs to go live on GrAAM will be CDBG, CDBG-DR 2017 Mitigation, and CDBG-DR 2017 Homeowner Rehabilitation and Reconstruction on November 30, 2020. Additional programs will be brought onto the GrAAM system between January and April 2021. We will keep our website updated as additional programs are brought onto the GrAAM system. Please check back for updates on our website. Web-based training will be made available so applicants and grant and loan recipients understand how to use GrAAM. Programs will be sending communications directly to current grant and loan recipients in the coming months. These communications will cover changes in how information is submitted to DCA and will provide instructions on how to access GrAAM training ahead of each program's transition to GrAAM.