National Register Nomination Process in Georgia

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Basic Info

The Steps of Nomination

The process to nominate a property to the National Register of Historic Places can be broken in to six individual parts. See the documents below for details:

Georgia’s National Register program is administered by the Historic Preservation Division (HPD), the state’s historic preservation office. HPD encourages National Register proposals from the public for a wide variety of properties to meet the state’s historic preservation needs. However, due to current staffing levels, a typical nomination can take up to 18 months to process after it is accepted and approved by our office. Additionally, particularly complex nominations (for instance, large districts, unusual properties, or nominations based on multiple criteria) can take up to two years to complete from the time National Register staff prepares the final nomination to final approval by the National Park Service.

The process, criteria, and applications forms for listing properties in the Georgia Register of Historic Places are the same as listing properties in the National Register in Georgia.