Historic Courthouses

  • Although Georgia is the 12th largest state in the U.S., it is second in number of courthouses -- exceeded only by Texas. One hundred thirty-two Georgia courthouses are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The buildings range from Greek Revival to International Style, illustrating nearly 170 years of Georgia history. Georgia has one of America's greatest collections of county courthouses, but many of these landmark buildings are endangered.


  • Preserving Georgia's Historic Courthouses - March 2005 (pdf)
    Because these buildings are so important to the state’s economic and cultural life, HPD selected Georgia’s historic courthouses as the topic for its second publication in the series entitled Preserving Georgia’s Historic Resources. This publication is also in response to a recommendation of the Georgia Legislatures Joint Study Committee on Historic Preservation, which directed HPD to work with the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia and Georgia Municipal Authority to develop legislative and funding initiatives for the protection of Georgia's county courthouses and city halls.
  • Estimate of Cost to Rehabilitate the Historic Courthouses and City Halls of Georgia (pdf)
    This is the executive summary of a report completed in September 2002 by the Office of Jack Pyburn, Architect, Inc.
  • The Georgia Courthouse Manual - 1992 (pdf)
    This 1992 publication was produced by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs and the Association County Commissioners of Georgia with funding provided by the National Park Service through the Historic Preservation Division