Service Delivery Strategy Revision Related to CDBG Annual Competition

DCA has continued the conversation, both at an internal staff level and with legal counsel, regarding the 2020 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) application cycle and its intersection with Service Delivery Strategy (SDS) requirements.  DCA is committed to working within the constructs of applicable state laws and federal regulations to ensure the most effective implementation of the program.  Through further evaluation and analysis, DCA is revising the guidance provided, effective immediately, surrounding SDS requirements affecting the 2020 application cycle.

As we modify the guidance and SDS requirements for this year’s competition, the following components will be required for all applicants:

  1. An approved SDS on file with DCA, in compliance with applicable state law; and
  2. An approved SDS indicating that the applicant is an authorized provider of the service for which it is requesting CDBG funds (including housing). 

It will not be necessary for an SDS to specifically identify that grant funds are a funding mechanism if other legal and appropriate funding sources are cited within the SDS document.  Although it is prudent for a community’s SDS to contemplate the use of grant funds to support service provision, that language will not be included in the evaluation for the 2020 CDBG competition.  See page 16 of the FY2020 CDBG Applicants’ Manual for additional details regarding the Service Delivery Strategy.

I trust this revised guidance helps you as you work toward submission of your 2020 CDBG application.  Best wishes to all communities as we approach the April 1, 2020 application deadline. If you have further questions regarding this revised guidance or other CDBG application matters, please contact Kimberly Carter, Director, Office of Community Development, at 404-679-0604 or by email at