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Service Awards 

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Kentrell Loyd — East Laurens High School, Dublin, GA       312 hours
"Kentrell has shown great pride and enthusiasm in giving back to his community by performing over 300 volunteer hours over the past three years as a student-manager volunteer. His duties included making sure all supplies were ordered for the team; preparing players' uniforms and bags; taking care of laundry; operating the score clock; assisting coaches with any injured players and having a commitment to the program. Kendall has demonstrated great leadership skills and the commitment to his peers and community. East Laurens Middle/High School is greatly appreciative to have had a student volunteer of Kentrell's intelligence and motivation.
                                                                                                         Will Smith, Assistant Basketball Coach

Dwinishia Brunson, South Atlanta School of Law and Social Justice        1125 hours
My volunteer hours were completed at a daycare/academic facility for PreK and elementary students. In addition, I participated in a Success Walk to promote participation in Project GRAD. I gained a new appreciation for helping others in this experience. I enjoyed working with the children and helping them with whatever they needed. I also enjoyed encouraging peers to go to college.

Jason Smith, Tift County High School, Tifton, GA        390 hours
For the American Red Cross Volunteer Lifesaving Corp, I volunteered every Sunday and holidays for the past two summers, receiving multiple certifications in lifesaving, emergency response and instructing. This past summer I had one major rescue, two rescue assists, and multiple first aid cases. Volunteering with the Dive Rescue Team and the Junior Volunteer Firefighters allows me to help out the community while gaining experience in those two fields

JWill Walker, Dodge County High School, Eastman, GA        511 hours
Will spent 511 documented hours volunteering at the Carl Vincent Veterans Administration Medical Center in Dublin, GA.

Bethany Miller, Chattahoochee County High School        420 hours
I volunteered at a daycare because I love to work with children of all ages. I hope to work with children professionally in the future.

Kaylee Tillery, Tift County High School       1253 hours
FFA Legacy Farms is the working farm for laboratory agricultural science. Kaylee began volunteering by feeding and cleaning up after the goats and sheep that are used for elementary Farm Day each year. She progressed to help with managerial and health activities of the animals; she also set up labs for other students, coordinated other volunteers, and helped with birthing and fecal analysis. Representing Beta Club, Kaylee served as a bell ringer for the Salvation Army, took care of Valentine carnation sales and deliveries, helped with gift wrapping for teachers, and was involved with creating T-shirts for community fund raising. One of her major community contributions has been her summer volunteer service of 776 hours at the Tift County canning plant to assist local community residents with the preservation of vegetables.

Taylor Struble, Bleckley County High School        69 hours
During my high school years, volunteering at various events and organizations has taught me to be willing to help those in need. Also, being able to help children at the tennis camps brightened my days because I was able to see the kids enjoy learning the sport that I love. Helping out with the Special Olympics and Buddy Ball was also a lot of fun! These disabled children opened my eyes and made me realize that I should learn to live every moment like it's my last. Participating in community service allows me to be more aware of what is happening in my local community and makes me feel like a better person. Volunteering is something that everyone should do because it benefits you and the area around you. After all, we have two hands, one for helping yourself and the other for helping those around you.

Mary Lauren Goldsberry, Lighthouse Christian School, Valdosta, GA        617 hours
Mary Lauren has assisted with youth league basketball for over four years as a coach, referee, and program assistant. In addition, she helped to start a youth volleyball program in Valdosta for children ages 6 to 12. Her volunteer work has been a definite asset to her as she has already secured a job after graduation working at the Sports Center of the college she will be attending beginning this summer. As an Honor Society member, she has devoted over 300 hours cleaning up the community park after a hurricane, tutoring, helping build leadership skills in elementary students through Junior Convention and directing a school play. "Most of my service projects have been with children. I love being able to serve the Lord through helping children."

Oluwatumise Asebiomo, Valdosta High School, Glamour & Glitz        100 hours
Glamour & Glitz: A Red Carpet Affair was a charity fashion show which showcased prom and homecoming dresses, since many girls spend a considerable amount of money for them, but only wear the dresses once. The revenue generated from this event through the sponsorships of the participants, sponsorships from businesses, ticket sales, donations during the events, and various raffles planned was used to help fund the necessities of the 164 homeless students in the Valdosta City School system.

My goals were to have a fun event that would also benefit those in need. I hoped to have a really nice and classy fashion show that the models and the spectators would enjoy. In addition, I wanted a glamorous atmosphere with an air of cheekiness. Of course, one of my main aims was to raise as much money as possible for the homeless children.

The greatest challenge I faced was the multiple people who acted as barriers in having a successful fundraiser. There were those who were very discouraging, those who gave their misguided helpfulness, and those who outwardly acted against the goals of the event. These people only served as a driving force to making the event all the more successful.

My biggest achievement was raising $1437.91 for the homeless children in our school system and also having a really fun fashion show.

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About the Program

Every year Georgia’s students make great contributions to their communities by volunteering. To recognize their service the Georgia Commission for Service and Volunteerism (GCSV) instituted the Georgia Student Service Award.


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