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The Georgia Rural Development Council (GRDC) advocates for rural Georgia, champions new development opportunities, and partners with public and private initiatives to strengthen rural communities. In addition, the Council serves as a clearinghouse for policies and initiatives affecting community and economic development in rural Georgia.





The 2013 conference highlighted the Rural Development Council's initiatives in 2013:

  • Increasing access to broadband in rural areas
  • Promoting agritourism as an economic development tool
  • Increasing statewide awareness of limited health care options in rural areas
  • Exploring the option of marketing rural Georgia communities to retiring persons across the United States and globally.

Speaker presentations and notes on these subjects are available on the Council Activities page.





Guiding Principles

The following principles guide the Rural Development Council in its deliberations. The principles are used to test the appropriateness of proposals and recommendations; and are public statements of what the Council stands for and what it hopes to promote and achieve. The Rural Development Council’s actions will reflect:

  • Advocacy for rural Georgia
  • Open deliberations
  • Promotion of economic diversification
  • Improvements to the Quality of Life
  • Avoidance of “one size fits all” strategies
  • Development of scale appropriate programs
  • Promotion of equal opportunity
  • Innovative solutions
  • Promotion of economic, social, and environmental balance
  • Preservation and enhancement of community strengths
  • Support for regional problem solving
  • Avoidance of duplication
  • Support for local initiative
  • Promotion of collaboration and cooperation