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Point in Time Homeless Count

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Program Description

Every other year Continua of Care throughout the country are tasked with enumerating the sheltered and unsheltered homeless population on one night in January in order to get a snapshot of homelessness in the nation, states, and local communities. Because of the volume of counties in the Georgia Balance of State Continuum of Care, it can be difficult to conduct this count in all 152 counties in the continuum. To meet this challenge, since 2009, DCA has partnered with Kennesaw State University’s Burruss Institute to develop a statistical model for predicting the rate of unsheltered homelessness in each county in the state utilizing data collected in sample counties. The data collected from these sources, from other Continua of Care in the state, along with the data from the predictive model, DCA is able to create a report of homelessness in the State of Georgia.

2017 Georgia Balnce of State CoC Homeless Count Report

As of the Point in Time Count in January 2017, it was determined that 3,716 people were literally homeless in the Georgia Balance of State Continuum of Care – a 36% decrease from 2015. More information about eh BoS CoC’s homeless count can be found here:

2018 Homeless Count

The next homeless count will take place in January 2018. If you wish to help, please contact your Continuum of Care representative for information!.

Georgia's 10,000, 2017 Report on Homelessness

During the Point in Time Count in January 2017, at least 10,373 people were literally homeless in Georgia – a 25% decrease from 2015. Just 36% were unsheltered; the other 64% were in emergency or transitional housing.

Georgia’s Literally Homeless Population:
Single Night (Point in Time Count)

  Number of Individuals per Year
Housing Status 2013 2015 2017
Unsheltered 8,450 5,803 3,692
Emergency Shelter or Transitional Housing 8,497 7,987 6,681
TOTAL 16,947 13,790 10,373
Change from previous count (%) -15% -19% -25%


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