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The contents linked to this web page are provided for DCA/GHFA S+C "Sponsors" (or subgrantees) as a central place to regularly review DCA and HUD regulations, required forms and guidance for S+C project implementation. Sponsors must review the information on this page often to make sure that programs conform to up to date requirements. S+C requirements include, but are not limited to, information contained on this page. Sponsors must exercise due diligence to assure full compliance.

Pertinent DCA and HUD Regulations
(* Denotes Required DCA Forms)

HUD S+C Regulations

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HUD Guidance and Regulations for Faith-Based Organizations

Regulations      • Questions and Answers

HUD S+C Guidance

HUD has published guidelines for S+C administration (web link).  Note that DCA requirements, contracts and guidance may exceed or otherwise differ from HUD guidance.   In these cases DCA S+C grantees must follow the higher standard or obtain written guidance from DCA.

DCA Monitoring Format

S+C grantees may wish to utilize DCA's monitoring documents for internal evaluation.

Financial Management

Determining Client Eligibility

Note that S+C participants must be (1) homeless, (2) disabled, and (3) very low income.  The following documents or links guide sponsors in making the eligibility determination:

Contracting for Units

The following steps (in the order presented) must be undertaken by Sponsors before DCA will allow funds to be utilized for S+C units.

1.  Sponsors must first document that rents are reasonable for units identified for use in the program.  This information must be maintained by the Sponsor and is subject to review by DCA or its representatives.

2.  An environmental review must be conducted on all sites (may include multiple units) utilized under the Shelter Plus Care program.  This information must be submitted to DCA for approval.  DCA approval of the environmental review must be obtained before any additional actions are undertaken by the Sponsor.

For DCA assistance with environmental information and maps, please contact Ms. Tarolyn Moore of DCA at tarolyn.moore@dca.ga.gov, or by phone at (404) 679-5271. Once complete, sponsors must submit this material to:  Ms. Phillis Thomas, State Housing Trust Fund for the Homeless, GA Department of Community Affairs, 60 Executive Park South NE, Atlanta, GA 30329.

3.  Once the environmental review is complete, and if applicable, Sponsors must document compliance with rules associated with Lead-Based Paint Hazards.  This documentation must be maintained by the Sponsor and is subject to review by DCA or its representatives.

4.  Once steps 1 - 3 are complete, Sponsors must perform an initial HQS inspection to assure minimum compliance with property standards.

5.  Following the completion of steps 1 - 4, and only if reasonable rent, environmental, lead hazard and/or HQS issues are not identified, Sponsors must request an initial inspection by DCA staff.  Once DCA staff have certified HQS compliance, Sponsors may utilize the unit for the S+C program.  The following form is included for this purpose.


Determining Tenant Rental Payments

Training Resources (Turn on Speakers for Narration)

Other Requirements

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