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Program Description

The purpose of DCA's Shelter Plus Care (S+C) program is to provide permanent housing in connection with supportive services to homeless people with disabilities and their families. The program provides rental assistance for a variety of housing choices, accompanied by a range of supportive services funded by other sources. The program is designed to serve a population that has been traditionally hard to reach - homeless persons with disabilities such as (but not limited to) serious mental illness, chronic substance abuse, and/or AIDS and related diseases. The S+C program was built on the premise that housing and services need to be connected in order to ensure the stability of housing for this population. Consequently, S+C provides rental assistance that local grantees must match with an equal value of supportive services appropriate to the target population. Goals of the S+C Program are to assist homeless individuals and their families to increase their housing stability, skills and/or income, and self-sufficiency.

Funding for new S+C projects is awarded competitively through HUD's Continuum of Care process. Eligible applicants (grantees) are limited to states, units of local government and public housing authorities (PHAs). Local S+C projects are typically implemented through partnerships that include (1) a grantee, (2) a local housing "Sponsor" (or subgrantee) that owns or coordinates leasing of housing for program participants, and (3) a network of supportive services providers.

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Data Quality Guides Now Available!

The links below will provide you with detailed information regarding your APR Data Quality Report and how to correct errors within the HMIS system. For additional assistance please contact Mackenzie Harkins, Shelter Plus Care Coordinator or Chandra McGhee, HMIS Data Analyst.

Running your Data Quality Report

How to run a Data Quality Detail Report

Correcting Q2 Data Quality Issues

Correcting Q3 Data Quality Issues: Relationship to HH

Correcting Q3 Data Quality Issues: Veteran Status, Project Entry Date, Client Location and Disabling Conditions

Correcting Q4 Data Quality Issues: Destination

Correcting Q4 Data Quality Issues: Income and Sources at Entry

Correcting Q4 Data Quality Issues: Income and Sources at Annual Assessment

Correcting Q4 Data Quality Issues: Income and Sources at Exit

Correcting Q5 Data Quality Issues: Chronic Homelessness

Correcting Q5 Data Quality Issues: Flow chart

As a reminder, Q6 is auto calculated by HMIS and cannot be changed. Q7 does not apply to Shelter Plus Care programs.

Additionally, a link to the recording of the webinar held on May 17th is available here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/438934220631973377

2017 DCA Annual Training for Permanent Housing Providers

SFY 2018 ESG, HOPWA, and S+C Matching Awards

The Department of Community Affairs is pleased to announce this year’s awards under the Emergency Shelter Grant (ESG), Shelter Plus Care (S+C) Matching, and Housing Opportunity for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) Programs.  The broad purpose of these programs is to deliver housing supports and related services to persons strictly defined as either: (1) “homeless” or “at risk of homelessness,” as defined in Federal regulation for the ESG program, or as (2) “eligible persons” (lower income persons with HIV/AIDS) as defined for the HOPWA program.

For this fiscal year, we received 224 requests totaling $13.8 million.  Of the requests, $8.7 million was awarded to 155 programs.  Funding for each award comes from either (1) Federal ESG or HOPWA funds made available to DCA or (2) the State Housing Trust Fund for the Homeless (HTF).

HUD and DCA promote ENERGY STAR in its homeless assistance programs!

All grantees are encouraged to promote energy efficiency by purchasing and using Energy Star labeled products.  For information on the Energy Star initiative go to: http://www.energystar.gov.

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