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This contents linked to this web page are provided for DCA HOPWA grantees as a central place to regularly review DCA and HUD regulations, required forms and guidance for HOPWA project implementation. GHFA HOPWA Grantees must review the information on this page often to make sure that programs conform to up to date requirements. HOPWA requirements include, but are not limited to, information contained on this page. Grantees must exercise due diligence to assure full compliance.

Pertinent DCA and HUD Regulations
(* Denotes Required DCA Forms)

HUD HOPWA Regulations

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HUD Guidance and Regulations for Faith-Based Organizations

Regulations      • Questions and Answers

HUD HOPWA Notices (these documents take the form of regulation)

Previously published "DCA Standards for HOPWA Housing Assistance" is withdrawn in favor of HUD regulations and guidance, except that all DCA HOPWA grantees must use prescribed DCA forms or guidance denoted by an asterisk* on this page. Grantees may use alternate forms if forms are specifically approved by DCA in writing.

Financial Management

Determining Client Eligibility

Note that HOPWA clients must be (1) HIV positive, and (2) "low income" (as established for the HOME program.  The following documents or links guide sponsors in making the eligibility determination:

To be eligible for the S+C program, your client must be (1) homeless entering from a shelter or from an unsheltered location, (2) disabled, and (3) very low income. 

Additional Eligibility Requirements for Utilizing S+C Funds for Permanent Housing

Required HUD Guidelines and DCA Formats for HOPWA Housing Assistance

Determining Housing Assistance Methods and Amounts of Assistance

Contracting for Units

Use most recent Schedule B "Final Data." The FMRs for unit sizes larger than four bedrooms are calculated by adding 15 percent to the four-bedroom FMR for each extra bedroom. For example, the FMR for a five-bedroom unit is 1.15 times the four-bedroom FMR, and the FMR for a six-bedroom unit is 1.30times the four-bedroom FMR.  FMRs for single-room-occupancy (SRO) units are 0.75 times the zero-bedroom FMR.

[Applicable only for DCA's 149 (of 159 counties) County Housing Choice Voucher (a/k/a "Section 8) Program]

Other Requirements

Contact Information

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