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Compliance Mandatory Forms

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Compliance Review Forms

Pre-Audit Checklist (MS Excel) – revised 12/5/17
DCA Property Information Form (MS Excel) – revised 6/30/15
Owner Certification - Marketing Compliance (MS Word) – revised 6/30/15
Owner Certification - Supportive Services (MS Word) – revised 6/30/15
Notice of 8823 Procedures (MS Word) – revised 11/03/17
Guidelines for Electronic Submission (MS Word) – revised 11/03/17
Zip File Instructions (MS Word) – revised 6/30/15
Desk Review Checklist – Initial Files (MS Excel) – revised 12/5/17
Desk Review Checklist – Recertification Files (MS Excel) – revised 12/5/17
Compliance Finding Cover Sheet (for cures) (MS Excel) – revised 6/30/15

Leasing Forms and Attachments – Required in Lease Package for Tenants

HOME Addendum to Lease (MS Word) – revised 4/28/16
LIHTC Required Lease Addendum (MS Word) – revised 6/30/15
DCA Student Certification (MS Excel) – revised 4/26/16
Child Support Certification(MS Excel) – revised 4/26/16
DCA Employment Verification (MS Word) – revised 4/26/16
Tenant Income Self Certification (MS Excel) – revised 7/11/16
Tenant Certification of Habitability (MS Word) – revised 6/30/15
Lead-Based Paint Booklet
Lead-Based Paint Form (PDF)

MITAS User Forms and Update Sheets

MITAS Data Sheet with instructions for data entry (MS Excel) – revised 6/30/15
MITAS Standard Tenant Upload Instructions (PDF)

New Owner or Manager

Performance Workbook- link to OAH Funding Rounds page

Contact Information

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