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Portfolio Management Compliance Monitoring

Program Description

The Compliance Section of the Office of Portfolio Management is responsible for assuring the initial and continued compliance with the rules and regulations of the LIHTC, HOME, and FDIC programs administered by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs. This entails visits to projects funded with LIHTC and HOME funds to review resident files and complete physical inspections of the property and the units. As the monitoring Agency for HUD on the HOME Program and for the IRS on the Tax Credit Program DCA reports directly to these agencies regarding issues of non-compliance.


Compliance Resources

Income Limits

Tax Credit Income Limits
HOME Income Limits
FDIC Income Limits


Rent & Utility Allowances

HOME Rent Limits
Utility Allowances
FDIC Rent Limits Rent Restriction Change Guidance


Compliance Monitoring Resources

Manuals, Guides, Resources
DCA UA Methodology
Accessibility Dispute Policy
UPCS Owner Certification Policy
UPCS Owner Self Certification Form


DCA Forms

Mandatory Forms
Suggested Forms


Other Forms

Federal and FDIC Compliance Reports and Forms
Project Concept Amendment Request (MS Excel) – revised 9/26/16


Reporting Forms

HOME Rent Review & Approval

DCA Home Rent Approval Memo (pdf)
2016 DCA Home Rent Approval (xlsx)
DCA HOME Rent Form - 2015 Q and A (pdf)


Electronic Notifications and Reporting

Notice of Casualty Loss
Management Change & Mitas Reassignment
Notification of Ending Recertification
Notice of Ending Recertification Signature Page (MS Word) – revised 5/1/16


Annual Owners Certification

2016 AOC Submissions
FAQ for DCA Annual Owner Certification (pdf)
AOC Signature Page (xlsx)
AOC CHDO Certification form


Other Reporting Forms

Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan (pdf)
Placed in Service Notification (MS Excel) – revised 2/5/16


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