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Program Description

The regulations for DCA's new Life Sciences Facilities Fund took effect 12/8/2005 and were revised on 11/7/2007. The purpose of the Life Sciences Facilities Fund (the “Facilities Fund” or “LSFF”) is to serve as an incentive program to provide low-cost loan assistance for the purchase of fixed assets to assist with the expansion, retention or relocation of life-science companies targeted by Georgia. The Facilities Fund is intended to be used as an incentive when needed to retain or recruit life-science companies in and to Georgia, or to fill a financing gap that is unmet by the private sector (including venture capital, traditional commercial financing, developer financing, etc.) and when the health, welfare and economic security of the citizens of the state are promoted through the recruitment, development and retention of life-sciences companies that are creating higher quality jobs, making private investment in Georgia and creating marketable products and technologies.

Life Sciences Facilities Fund Application Packet (DOC)
Regulations for the Life Sciences Facilities Fund (PDF)
Life Sciences Facilities Fund Executive Summary (PDF)

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