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Developments of Regional Impact

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Program Description


Developments of Regional Impact (DRIs) are large-scale developments that are likely to have regional effects beyond the local government jurisdiction in which they are located. The Georgia Planning Act of 1989 authorized the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) to establish procedures for review of these large-scale projects. These procedures are designed to improve communication between affected governments and to provide a means of revealing and assessing potential impacts of large-scale developments before conflicts relating to them arise. At the same time, local government autonomy is preserved since the host government maintains the authority to make the final decision on whether a proposed development will or will not go forward.

DCA's statewide rules for DRIs were updated in July 2012 to:

  • Streamline the process;
  • Provide regional flexibility in the administration of the program;
  • Minimize the emphasis of the Regional Commissions' positive/negative DRI finding;
  • Reinforce the program’s regional perspective;
  • Ensure that the program provides worthwhile assistance to local governments when desired; and,
  • Focus the program on communication among all parties involved in the DRI process.

ALWAYS contact your regional commission prior to beginning the DRI process to ensure that your project is submitted and handled appropriately.


Information and Resources

DCA Rules for Developments of Regional Impact 110-12-3 and 110-12-7

Criteria and Procedures for Alternative, Region-Specific DRI Rules

DRI Tier Map

DRI Online System


DRIs in the Atlanta Region

Taking advantage of the increased regional flexibility provided in the 2014 DRI rules, the Atlanta Regional Commission has carried out the process of involving its member-communities in drafting and gaining DCA approval for an alternative, region-specific DRI program.  You can get more information regarding the ARC DRI program at their website:


Developments of Regional Impact: Alternative Requirements—Atlanta Regional Commission: DCA Rules 110-12-7

Contact the Atlanta Regional Commission prior to beginning the DRI process to ensure that your project is submitted and handled appropriately.


Contact Information

For more information about Planning and Environmental Management, please contact the Office of Planning and Environmental Management at 404-679-5279.

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