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Regional Plans are a guide for future decision making that addresses critical regional issues and opportunities and provides a framework for advancing the state's planning goals.  Regional Plans are also wider in scope than local plans, and deal with broader issues that involve a variety of entities, including state and federal agencies, local governments and private organizations.  Each of Georgia’s twelve Regional Commissions develops a regionally-specific plan, which must be approved by DCA and adopted by its Regional Council.


Preparing Your Regional Plan

DCA Rules for Regional Planning 110-12-6 (effective October 1, 2017)

Data & Mapping Resources

Planning for Community Involvement (Guidebook)

Supplemental Planning Recommendations

Quality Community Objectives

Regional Planning Schedule


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Regional Planning Documents for Review & Comment


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For more information about Planning and Environmental Management, please contact the Office of Planning and Environmental Management at 404-679-5279.

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