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Georgia's communities are unique and special places.  Each has its own distinctive set of issues and opportunities.  However, if you were to examine a number of our cities and counties it would be immediately apparent that there are a variety of features and challenges that transcend local jurisdictional boundaries.  Regional planning is the mechanism that allows multiple communities, through their collaboration, to multiply the impact of their individual efforts.  By coordinating their activities to maximize the benefit of their multual resources and by cooperating to overcome the shared challenges that they could not have effectively met by themselves, Georgia's communities are able to jointly accomplish things that, alone, might have been impossible.   More...

To enable this kind to interjurisdictional work, PQG provides guidance, assistance, and regulatory oversight to quasi-governmental regional commissions (RCs) spread across the state.  Among other things, RCs are tasked with assisting local governments with the production of their comprehensive plans and administering the process through which comp plans receive regional and state review, and conducting intensive review of developments of regional impact (DRIs).  In addition to their local planning responsibilities, regional commissions conduct research, draw from local plans, and facilitate public input in the production of their respective regional plans, designation of regionally important resources (RIRs), and construction of their regional resource plans.

PQG regional programs also include the supervision of joint city-county service delivery activities and the facilitation of interjurisdicational conflict resolution processes.  City and county governments are required to produce service delivery strategies (SDSs) to coordinate effective, efficient delivery of public services, prevent unnecessary duplication of service, and avoid excessive taxation.  PQG reviews these local strategies to ensure compliance with state law.  We also facilitate the processes that allow local governments to resolve their disagreements when service delivery, annexation, and other conflicts arise.

Regional Commissions

Directions and information for making the transition from Regional Development Centers (RDCs) to Regional Commissions (RCs).

Regional Planning

A description of and information about the processes used by regional commissions in the production of regional plans and link to draft and final versions of regional plan documents.

Regionally Important Resources (RIRs)

Information about the identification and protection of regionally important resources.  This page also provides access to materials that may be helpful in assembling the Regional Resource Plan.

Developments of Regional Impact (DRIs)

An overview of the developments of regional impact program and a link to the online DRI reporting system.

Service Delivery Strategies (SDSs)

An introduction to the Service Delivery Act and the process for creating the mandated local service delivery strategy.

Interjurisdictional Conflict Resolution

Methods to build consensus when local jurisdictions disagree about complex community planning issues.


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