Local Planning Assistance

The Office of Planning and Environmental Management provides guidance, assistance and a variety of resources to help local governments comply with state requirements for Local Comprehensive Plans, working out county-wide strategies for delivery of public services (Service Delivery Strategies) and establishing a local Impact Fee system.

Preparing Your Local Plan

Local Planning Standards
State Planning Recommendations
Plan Preparation Tools
Data Resources
Good Plan Examples

Please visit Your Local Government Planning Resources web page by selecting

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View Community Plans

Community Plans

Development Impact Fees & Capital Improvements Planning

Impact Fees

Service Delivery Strategy

Service Delivery Strategy

Other Publications and Resources

Why Do We Plan? (PDF)
Selecting a Plan Preparer (PDF)
Planning for Community Involvement (PDF)
Selling Planning and Quality Growth
Planning Press Kit
Planning for Character Areas
Programs linked to Qualified Local Government Status

Contact Information

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For more information about planning and environmental management, please contact the Office of Planning and Environmental Management at 404-679-5279.