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CDBG-R Grant Summary Update September 14, 2010

Stimulus Grants Announced by the Governor's Office 8/14/2009

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Stimulus Action Plan –Amendment March 8, 2012

As Community Development Block Grant Stimulus (CDBG-R) projects were completed, some CDBG-R Recipients de-obligated funds due to lower than expected costs. On November 5, 2010, DCA contacted all CDBG-R Recipients to determine if there was any need for additional funding and to request local grant amendments if such a need existed. Through that amendment process, the Department was able to obligate all CDBG-R funds with the exception of a de minimis amount of funds less than $50,000. This Action Plan amendment allows the Department to allocate these remaining funds to existing CDBG-R Recipients that responded to the Department’s November 5, 2010 request for local grant amendments.

This is not a substantial amendment to the CDBG-R Action Plan because it is less than the 25% threshold established for substantial amendments in the DCA CDBG Citizen Participation Plan. For Action Plan amendments that are not substantial amendments, no public comment period is required. The Citizen Participation Plan can be found here:


Those having questions about this Action Plan amendment may contact Steed Robinson at steed.robinson@dca.ga.gov or (404) 679-3168. The Action Plan amendment can be found at the link below:

CDBG-R Action Plan Amendment March 8 2012

Acción CDBG-R Enmienda Plan Español


Stimulus Action Plan Amendment

DCA has published a Stimulus Action Plan Amendment below in order to assist the State of Georgia in expediting the expenditure of CDBG-R funds. Because deobligations of grant funds sometimes occurs due to cost underruns or other reasons and because CDBG-R funds cannot be reused as part of the State’s normal CDBG program, the Amendment allows the State the ability to reallocate CDBG-R funds within the CDBG-R program if deobligations occur. The public comment period for these changes will run through 5 PM on June 1, 2010. Those wishing to comment on the Action Plan Amendment may provide comments by email to Steed Robinson at steed.robinson@dca.ga.gov or by regular mail at: ATTN: Steed Robinson, Georgia Department of Community Affairs, 60 Executive Park South, Atlanta, Georgia 30329.

CDBG-R Action Plan Amendment

Acción CDBG-R Enmienda Plan Español

Stimulus Action Plan

DCA has published a CDBG Stimulus Action Plan at the link below. The plan was developed for eventual application to HUD for $10,866,994 in Stimulus funds under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA).

Program Description

Georgia received $10,866,994 in federal stimulus dollars for the CDBG non-entitlement program. This web page provides details of Georgia’s CDBG Stimulus Program. See the links below for the latest announcements, memorandums, guidelines, forms, etc. The ranking of CDBG-R applications is found below under applications  Stimulus dollars are being provided to the CDBG non-entitlement program under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). Please see the following web links for further information on ARRA: http://www.recovery.gov/.



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Recipients Manual

Stimulus Recipients Manual

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Quarterly Reporting Web Page

Required CDBG-R Construction Contract Provisions

Required CDBG-R Construction Contract Provisions



List of CDBG Stimulus Applications Received (PDF)

Georgia CDBG Stimulus Program Applicants' Manual (PDF)

For Stimulus applications please use the CDBG Application forms located here .  The reference to matching funds on DCA 8 does not apply to Stimulus applications.  Also, the information below under Resources and Guidance contains more Stimulus specific application information.

Applicants' Workshop Presentations:

Critical Updates
Resources and Guidance







Memo and Agenda for 4/17/2009 Stimulus Applicants' Workshop (PDF)

Memo from DCA Commissioner Beatty 3/6/2009 (PDF)

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