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Report of Local Government Finances

The dropdown box below lists ALL Local Governments in Georgia (Counties, Municipalities and Consolidated Governments) alphabetically.

When you select the Local Government from the list, you will see a link to each Report of Local Government Finances (RLGF) that has been submitted to DCA by the selected government. (At this time, only the Reports covering that government’s fiscal years from 2009 to present are available.)

Click on the link to open and view the desired year’s report. The various report pages are on tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

Note: The RLGF annual reporting schedule for all Local Governments is as follows:

  • Governments with Fiscal Year ending January through June, Report is due November 20;
  • Governments with Fiscal Year ending July through December, Report is due June 30 of the following calendar year.

If you have questions about the report(s) displayed, or seek information about reports submitted for earlier fiscal years, contact DCA.Research@dca.ga.gov.

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