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Community Profile

County Formed December 3, 1832
County Seat Dallas
Incorporated Cities Braswell, Dallas and Hiram
Total Area 314.31182 square miles


From its county population in 2000 of 83070 to its current population estimate of 148987, the county has experienced a growth change of 65917.

Paulding County, in northwest Georgia, is the state's eighty-ninth county, created in 1832 as one of nine counties carved out of Cherokee County. It was named for John Paulding, one of three New Yorkers who captured the British spy John Andre.

After the Civil War the county languished for decades, experiencing the difficulties common to other agricultural areas in the South beset by the loss of numerous young men, overused soil, and economic depression. Life for the county began to improve in 1882, however, when the East Tennessee, Virginia, and Georgia Railroad built lines through it. The railway was directly responsible for tripling the population in Dallas by the end of the decade. The town of Braswell was created around a depot placed at the site by the railway in 1882, when it laid tracks through the area.

By the turn of the century Paulding County was flourishing. Many one-room schools dotted the county, an indication of the population boom and a testament to the high value residents placed on education. The county economy followed that of the nation, suffering with the Great Depression and improving during the era following World War II (1941-45).

Points of Interest

The Paulding County Historical Society operates the Paulding County Museum in a building constructed in 1861, which served as the first school in Dallas

The Hiram Colored School, located in Hiram, was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2001.

Pickett's Mill Battlefield Historic Site is considered one of the best-preserved Civil War battlegrounds in the country. Fought on the grounds of a farm and gristmill owned by Benjamin and Malachi Pickett on Little Pumpkin-Vine Creek, the battle is considered the worst Union defeat of the Atlanta campaign. 

Notable Citizens

Country music stars Travis Tritt and Patty Loveless are residents of Paulding County.

Chamber of Commerce
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State of Georgia

Henderson House, Dallas

Paulding County Courthouse, Dallas

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