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Community Profile

County Formed February 26, 1856
County Seat Colquitt
Incorporated Cities Colquitt
Total Area 283.627014 square miles


From its county population in 2000 of 6384 to its current population estimate of 5958, the county has experienced a growth change of -426.

Miller County, the state's 117th county, was created by the state legislature in 1856 out of portions of Early and Baker counties. The county was named for attorney Andrew Miller, who served in the state senate and later became president of the Medical College of Georgia (later Georgia Health Sciences University) in Augusta.

Colquitt was designated as the county seat in the same year as the county's founding. The city was named after Walter T. Colquitt, a clergyman, attorney, and judge, who served in the U.S. Senate from 1843 to 1848. While Colquitt remains the only incorporated city in Miller County, there are twenty other small communities.

In 1830 crops included cotton, corn, sugarcane, and sweet potatoes—cane-grinding and syrup-making were neighborhood social events. By 1900 cotton was still a main crop, but farmers had turned from agricultural crops to naval stores like rosin, turpentine, and lumber.

Points of Interest

Miller County is home to Georgia's official folklife play,Swamp Gravy. The ever-changing play is regularly scheduled at the historic Cotton Hall in Colquitt, which also houses the Museum of Southern Cultures.

The Swamp Gravy Institute, an arts service organization formed as an outgrowth of the play, is a consulting and training unit of the Colquitt-Miller Arts Council.

The ongoing Millennium Murals Project, funded by public and private sources, has become a community beautification project.

Notable Citizens

Peter Toth, an Hungarian-born sculptor, spent several years of his life traveling across America carving memorial gift monuments, one in each state, dedicated to the Native Americans. The only such monument in Georgia is in Colquitt. The 23-foot Red Oak tree is hewn into the head of an Indian brave.

Annual Events

The Mayhaw Festival, honoring the tart south Georgia fruit, is held in April at Spring Creek Park, which also contains ecologically fragile wetlands.

Chamber of Commerce
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State of Georgia

Murals in Downtown Colquit

Tarrer Inn, Colquitt

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