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County Formed June 9, 1825
County Seat Leesburg
Incorporated Cities Leesburg and Smithville
Total Area 361.661195 square miles


From its county population in 2000 of 24893 to its current population estimate of 29191, the county has experienced a growth change of 4298.

Richard Henry "Lighthorse Harry" Lee, father of Robert E. Lee and the man who called the motion for independence during the Continental Congress, is remembered in this county's name and its county seat, Leesburg

During the first half of the twentieth century, politics were an important part of the local community. In the October 25, 1938, issue of Look magazine, Lee County was shown as the most solidly Democratic area in the United States; in the 1936 presidential election 490 votes were cast for Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt and only one vote was cast for his opponent, Republican Alf Landon

Points of Interest

Flint RiverQuarium

The Albany Civil Rights Institute

Thronateeska Heritage Center

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State of Georgia

Flint River lake

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