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Community Profile

County Formed December 10, 1790
County Seat Appling
Incorporated Cities Grovetown and Harlem
Total Area 307.780338 square miles


From its county population in 2000 of 89834 to its current population estimate of 139257, the county has experienced a growth change of 49423.

Named for explorer Christopher Columbus, the county was created in response to a request by backcountry settlers that they be given court sessions that would be more convenient than those held in Augusta.

Of the six delegates from Georgia appointed to attend the constitutional convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1787, two of them, William Few Jr. and Abraham Baldwin, were from Columbia County. Few and Baldwin were the only two Georgia delegates who signed to ratify the Constitution of the United States.

Points of Interest

Both the oldest Baptist church in the state, Kiokee (established in 1772), and the third oldest, Abilene (established in 1774), were founded in what became Columbia County.

There are more than thirty prehistoric sites in Columbia County. The most important, on Stallings Island, is a burial mound documenting a culture that flourished in the Archaic Period more than 4,000 years ago.

Notable Citizens

Oliver Norvell Hardy of "Laurel and Hardy" fame hailed from Columbia County. Among other notable persons from the county were: Basil Neal, who was honored for fighting heroically against the Indians and the British before, during, and after the Revolutionary War; William Few and Abraham Baldwin, who were two of Georgia's six appointees to the 1787 Constitutional Convention.

Annual Events

Thunder Over Augusta is an annual event held in celebration of Armed Forces Day.

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State of Georgia

Harlem Library

Grovetown Museum, Grovetown

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